A rendering of the Florida concept by Andre DelArco.

Florida is a system recently opened by the Liberty government in an attempt to bridge the gap between itself and the Sigma Republic in light of the skyrocketing cost of H-Fuel. Florida is one of the primary systems making up the Florida Passage.


Florida is inhabited by a number of factions, each vying for control over parts of the system.


  • Planet Miami - A warm, wet planet buffeted by periodic but severe atmospheric turbulence. Originally surveyed by Orbital Spa & Cruise, other Liberty companies such as Ageira and DSE have been suing for access after rich mineral deposits were located under the surface.
  • Planet Okeechobee - A swampy planet with an oxygen-rich atmosphere that would be perfectly suited for human life, except that aggressive native fauna tore apart all but one of the survey vessels sent to land. The crew of the surviving vessel fell violently ill and died in space. No further exploration is planned.
  • Planet Atlanta - A planet with a flat, barren landscape with no interesting resources, despite intensive surveys.
  • Planet Hoover - An almost impossibly mountainous world pockmarked by craters. Settlement is infeasible due to frequent asteroid collisions from the nearby asteroid fields.


  • Battleship Alabama - The Alabama was moved to Florida to oversee the Florida Passage and protect Aberdeen Base as well as deterring traffic from the Aberdeen Proving Ground.
  • Aberdeen Base - A base recently built by the Navy to conduct training exercises and war games. This functionality has been moved from West Point after West Point was deemed too public for the sensitive nature of Navy tactics and strategies.
  • Chickamauga Base - A Liberty Rogue base nestled amongst the worthless asteroids of the Appalachian field. From here Liberty Rogues stage attacks on H-Fuel convoys coming from Sigma-9.
  • Ozark Depot - A Xeno base built to interdict outsiders passing along the Florida Passage.


  • Appalachian Asteroid Field - A worthless field of resource-devoid rock asteroids. Liberty Rogue ships have been observed to flee into the cloud when chased off by Navy fighters.
  • Blue Ridge Asteroid Field - A field of rock asteroids in the Florida system. Initial surveys detected no useful resources.
  • Biscayne Cloud - The westernmost offshoot of the Crow Nebula ever detected, believed to have been pulled from the nebula into orbit around the twin Florida suns as the pair drifted away from the nebula over millions of years.
  • Cypress Cloud - A gas cloud concealing Planet Okeechobee and, rumor has it, a bustling Xeno staging ground.
  • Loxahatchee Cloud - A tiny Hydrogen cloud in the Florida system.

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