Luxury Liner Las Vegas, formerly known as Prison Ship XT-13, is a mobile base operated by Junkers as a semi-freeport. Originally a prison ship controlled by the LPI, it came under sudden heavy attack by Liberty Rogues in the Pittsburgh debris field in New York while a high-ranking member of the Rogues was being transferred to LPI Sugarland after his capture in the raid on Bronx Outpost in 800 A.S.

Although the Rogue attackers were beaten off, the ship had sustained critical damage to its engines and after a successful transfer of prisoners to a second ship, XT-13 was abandoned. Junkers later found the wreck, repaired the engines, and took off to the Nevada system, where they renamed it the Las Vegas and opened it up as a casino open to everyone... except of course for Xenos, Hogosha, and Bounty Hunters.