A poorly-rendered concept picture of the Nevada system by Andre DelArco.

Nevada is a desolate, uncharted system south of Liberty, and flooded with dark matter from the Basin Nebula. It is populated primarily by Lane Hackers, Junkers, and IMG patrols. It has not yet been charted by any House authority.


The Nevada system is devoid of any inhabited or habitable planets. The system does, however, retain a small population of Hackers, Junkers, and gamblers.


  • Planet Tuscon - An arid planet with no water or atmosphere. Scans by the Lane Hackers suggest it has a highly radioactive core and may contain heavy fissionables such as Uranium.
  • Prescott - A moon orbiting Tucson. Its remarkably fast rotation and marred surface suggest a relatively recent impact of severe magnitude.
  • Planet Reno - An arid world with a hot, mildly acidic surface and no atmosphere. Terraforming is impossible due to the lack of water on both the planet and system.



  • Basin Cloud - An outcropping of the infamous Basin Nebula between California and Texas. Like all dark matter clouds, it is highly radioactive and poses a severe navigational hazard.
  • Catalina Asteroid Field - A field of rock asteroids in the Basin Cloud. The Lane Hackers have been using Silver from the field in their fabrication attempts.
  • Rita Asteroid Field - A field of rock asteroids deep within the Basin Cloud said to contain silver ore.
  • Humboldt Asteroid Field - A field of rock asteroids in the Basin Cloud. Deposits of silver here have caused conflicts between the IMG and the local Junker population as each one vies for control of the cloud.

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